Our Vision of the Dental Profession

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Our work as dentists is founded on the long and fruitful evolution of the profession, from the different sciences behind dentistry to the various technologies that have allowed our tools and approaches in dentistry to evolve.

Drs Minh Lam and Mylène Scott

The Doctors of Dental Medicine, Dr. Lam and Dr. Scott, welcome you in their dental clinic in West Island.  With our state of the art equipment, we take great care of our patients as soon as they arrive at the clinic.

In addition to our secretary’s warm welcome, our waiting room is painted in appeasing colours and contains:

  • Comfortable chairs
  • Recent magazines
  • Free wi-fi in the whole office

It may even make you forget the reason you have come…

Your medical care is optimal, and except for emergencies, we respect appointment times.

Dentist in 21st century

The modern dentist does not focus solely on his own dental office, but rather actively participates in the improvement of the population’s health as a whole. He is a health professional who works together with doctors in the detection of cancers of the mouth, and he also participates in heart disease prevention, and in the improvement of the population’s overall living standards.

This is our professional involvement.

The work of a dentist has evolved in the last 15 years. The modern dentist is no longer the tooth puller (l’arracheur de dent)  in PietroLonghi’s painting, or the dentist in old postcard parodies, or the plumber in Henri Salvador’s song the dentist’s  blues (le blues du dentiste).

Dentists follow long professional training courses in various Faculties of Dental Medicine, and acquire solid skills and knowledge over the course of all those years of university studies. The dentist’s practices and knowledge is further improved throughout his career thanks to compulsory continuing education courses that are implemented in Québec by the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec.  Various private and public organisations help dentists perfect their knowledge and skills: l’Université de Montréalla Société Dentaire de Montréall’Académie Dentaire Multidisciplinairel’Institut Dentaire Internationale.

A Profession in Constant Evolution

The tremendous evolution of technology in recent years has allowed dentistry to enter a phase of maturity that is beneficial to the client in terms of the quality of care and comfort during interventions.

The causes and origins of most gum, teeth, and mouth diseases are understood and treatable nowadays.

The vast majority of treatments are based on validated and recognized scientific experimentations. It is…

…the end of dental phobia!

With good dental hygiene and consistent dental care, the vast majority of people will keep their teeth and maintain healthy gums until much later in life.
It is dental phobia that has caused researchers to develop instruments and techniques that drastically reduce the discomfort (pain) that patients experienced in the past.

Our clinic’s address:

3633, boul des Sources, suite 215
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, West Island
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