Dental Staff

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Our staff:

  • Sylvie, dental receptionist
  • Brandy, dental hygienist
  • Alexandra, dental assistant

Slyvie, dental receptionist

 Sylvie, dental receptionnistYour first contact with the clinic is with Sylvie, the receptionist, whether by phone, e-mail, or in person.

She is warm, helpful and competent, and thus represents the professionalism of our clinic.

Sylvie efficiently takes care of the hygienist’s and dentists’ schedules and always finds an appointment that can accommodate a patient, even the busiest of clients.
She is familiar with Québec’s private and public dental insurance programs. She knows what needs to be done to accelerate the reimbursement process with insurers.

With her 10 years of experience, Sylvie makes the paperwork part of your experience easy, and she will also give you a pleasant and warm welcome.


Brandy, dental hygienist

Brandy, dental hygienist

The most obvious aspect of the dental hygienist’s work is the dental cleaning.

Brandy makes sure to skilfully and gently perform this task. However, her role is not limited only to this aspect of oral health, as she is also responsible for oral prevention.

With her competence and experience, Brandy is able to describe and explain diseases and problems of the mouth.

Our practice values prevention through patient education and awareness building. We ardently believe that patients who are well-informed about their dental condition will take better care of their mouths and will be happier in the long run.

Brandy is pedagogical, patient, pleasant and kind, and she maintains a relationship of trust with patients throughout the appointment. Your well-being matters to her.



Alexandra, dental assistant

Alexandra, dental assistant

The dental assistant is indispensable to the modern dentist. Indeed, she is a crucial element, because procedures in dentistry require the use of 4 hands nowadays (4-handed dentistry).

In addition to preparing the operatory room and assisting the dentist, Alexandra also reassures anxious patients and takes care of patient comfort: an ergonomic cushion for the neck? a blanket?

Alexandra has been working in our clinic in West Island for many years now. Our special relationship with her contributes to the efficient and yet careful treatments for our patients.

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