First dental Appointment

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A new patient must make an appointment with the clinic’s receptionist, whether by phone (514-684-9198) or with the online form.

The dentists’ and hygienist’s appointments are stored on a computer. The ‘ExelDent’ software ensures efficiency and minimizes errors.

Our team works hard to offer the best possible service to our patients by offering appointments within reasonable delays.

Furthermore, punctuality is a quality that we consider to be very important.

In case of a dental emergency…

We do everything we can to meet the patient within a 24h delay following the phone call.

For a first time appointment, we always recommend a full oral examination to new patients. This allows us to:

  • evaluate the state of your mouth;
  • evaluate your needs correctly;
  • understand your preoccupations;
  • discuss your preferences so that we can  propose appropriate and adequate treatments.

An Initial Complete Oral Check-up

This examination lasts about 1 hour and a half. The patient sees the hygienist and then the dentist.

The hygienist:

  • discusses dental problems and preoccupations with the patient;
  • takes intraoral and panoramic X-rays;
  • takes photographs of the teeth and gums;
  • performs a dental cleaning.

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The dentist meticulously examines the teeth, the periodontal region (gums and bone) and the mouth’s soft tissues. Then, the evaluation of the patient’s current condition is given.

The dentist then explains the different treatment alternatives and proposes a personalized treatment plan that is adapted to the patient’s needs.

At the end of the appointment, the receptionist proposes various appointment dates and takes care of the payment. When a patient has insurance, the receptionist can send the request electronically to the insurer. When the patient has received all curative treatments, the receptionist asks if the patient would like to be on the recall list.